Monday, 29 December 2014

2015 New Year's Resolutions

Every time I sit down and begin to write a blog entry, I realise I go to begin with exactly the same line. "I'm so sorry I haven't posted in months but I've been busy" and all those crap excuses. I don't have many excuses this time, simply the fact I had lost all motivation for it.

It's also actually been a busy month December. The lead up to Christmas, and then my birthday being 3 days after Christmas. I'm 19 now? This doesn't feel like real life but yes I am 19 and growing up SUCKS. It needs to come with a disclaimer. "Life sucks a little bit more the older you get" 

I had an amazing Christmas, I spend it at home with my family and normally my mum (a home carer) works on Christmas day but this year she got the chance to have the day off. That made it even more amazing. I woke up before my entire family... I may be getting older but the excitement for Christmas will never leave my bones. I went into my brother's room at 8am on Christmas day, woke him up and he simply said to me "I don't want to get out of bed today". I gasped. He is 10. It was Christmas Day. THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR.

I received the greatest presents and I'm very grateful. Books (many, many books) socks (also many of them), perfume, chocolates - That I haven't yet started. Am I okay? - and most importantly my sister brought me a sheep shaped doorstop. You guys don't know me well enough but my favourite animals are sheep. There always seems to be a sheep themed present during the festive period. It's a ritual.  Also a theme this year, was Frozen. I received too many Frozen themed gifts. A t-shirt??? Yes a friggin' Frozen t-shirt. Frozen chocolate lollipops, colouring pencils and a cake making kit. I am essentially a big kid and I have no regrets.

Then my birthday... I got a Frozen cake.

I went to London's Shepard's Bush Westfields in the morning and did a little bit of sales shopping. Highly disappointed this year. Maybe I should have done what 60% of the UK did and left my house at 6am on Boxing Day to grab the sales. To shop in the Topshop sales, you either have to be size 16 or 6 and like ugly clothing.  I did grab myself a bargain in Victoria's Secret though. I saved myself a lot of money and as I was choosing what to buy, I told myself I WOULD look as good as the VS models do.

Okay so it's now the day after my birthday. It's 12pm and I am listening to Taylor Swift's 1989 for the first time. It's very power encouraging. I feel as if I could write a novel listening to her voice. She is motivating me to write this blog post and it's a start I guess. This is where I lead into my New Year's resolutions.

I never stick to my resolutions because they are things I'll never accomplish or I set myself too many and lose my list of them by the 2nd of January. This year I'm going to set myself some actually manageable ones!

Here goes...

1. Write on my Blog More. 
This means setting a schedule, fitting it around college and work and actually sticking to it. I love writing and I don't write enough because I lose motivation so easily. Ahh that's another one.

2. Stay Motivated 
I lose motivation easily, I mean it's nice to just lie in bed all day, isn't it? Not this year, my mentality is going to change. No laying in bed, no feeling sorry for myself and definitely more revising. To stay motivated is to think about my goals. Where do I want to be in 5 years? Do I want to be working in retail because I failed college because I was lazy? No I do not want that, I want to be in university studying the subject I love. English and my extreme love of books.

3. Cut Out Diet Drinks/ More Water.
I drink a lot of diet drinks and I tell myself it's because of my diabetes and there isn't much else I can drink, other than squash and water. But I do consume so much... It's not healthy. So it starts. Cut down on fizzy drinks, I mean not completely cutting them out because if I were to go to the pub (oops naughty me) I'd have a diet coke but that's okay. One every so often isn't that bad for you.

More water has to be a thing this year. Water is so good for you and keeps you hydrated and the most important factor being it's free. Unless you go into Starbucks and pay £4 for a small, probably luke warm bottle of water.

I think 3 resolutions is enough... Compared to my normal list of about 20 that are often unrealistic. 'Join a gym' Hahahaha.

That's all from me today. Let's see if I can stick to my resolutions!!!!!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Monthly Book Reads

I have been reading A LOT of books over the last month and it's fabulous. I don't know why I've suddenly got the motivation to read lots but I am enjoying myself. I've been constantly reading so this is going to be a post about the books I've been reading through-out September and into October.

(From left to right, top to bottom)
1. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

I have read Rainbow's other books 'Fangirl' and 'Eleanor and Park' and figured I should read this one. This book is actually Rainbow's first novel but I read the others before and loved them. The cover of this book is so quirky I love it. Anyway, this novel is about a man who works for a company but his job role is to basically read other people's emails just to check any topics they must be discussing that breaches their rules. The man begins reading a couple of his colleagues' email and gets addicted to their lives. Sounds awfully creepy but it ends so well. I teared up at the end, God I'm such a sucker for a happy ending.

2. IT by Alexa Chung

Ok, so this isn't exactly a novel, it's more of a fashion bible. It's the intricate thoughts of the wonderful woman that is Alexa Chung. It's a very easy read, a book full of lots of pretty (Instagram/Tumblr style) photos that I simply adored. The cover is beautiful and the pages just feel so nice. I recommend this book if you don't read much, you like fashion/make up and Alexa Chung. She talks about her style icons, the fashion of her era and the art of applying eyeliner. Yes, it is an art and she masters it well. 

3.The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

Don't you just love the cover of this one? I do. I brought this book after buying The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern as the covers were kinda similar and they fit the same genre. This book is about a young boy who struggles with family life, his mother dying young and his father re-marrying, but one day finding himself entering a secret garden that completely changes his life. It's very magical, focusing on the creatures and stories of traditional fairytales and well written. I enjoyed it so much, one of those books that you just cannot put down until it's finished.

4. We Were Liars by E.Lockhart

It's currently Thursday evening and I brought this book Tuesday and I have already read it. I was struck by the first few pages and the structure of it. It's a new release, published this year in fact and you can tell whilst reading with references to iPhones and modern technology. Such a good read, I didn't put it down. The plot is about a family that have grandparents that live on a very grand island and the generations of the grandparents visit every summer for a bit of fun. It all seems well and good until one of the grandchildren has some kind of terrible accident but doesn't remember any of it. This character goes back a couple of years later to piece together the puzzle because her memory isn't accurate. The ending made me gasp, I just didn't expect it. A wonderful read.

5. One Day by David Nicholls

I purchased this today actually, in a charity shop. I've been meaning to read this for ages and I finally got it. I'm also currently half way through the film adaption and I'm thoroughly enjoying that so I'm guessing the book is just as good. I'll let you know when I finish the film and read the book.

6. Where She Went by Gayle Forman

This book is a sequel and I haven't read the first one but I still brought this. Normally I don't do this kind of thing and I'm not sure why but I was so attracted to the cover in the bookstore that I couldn't leave it. I'm reading it at this moment and so far, so good. It's about a man in a band who was once (and maybe, kind still is) in love with a girl called Mia in high school and by chance, happens to find her and meet up with her. Typical kind of love story. It's set in New York which is so nice because I absolutely dream of going to New York one day. 

7.The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

Leaving the best till last. I pondered buying this book because I had heard mixed reviews but I'm so glad I brought it. The style of writing reminded me of The Catcher in The Rye which is why I think I loved it so much. It's a semi auto-biographical novel, briefly set around the tragic events of Sylvia Plath's life. I have this book where when I'm reading if I like a quote, I'll write it down and there's so many quotes from this book in that book. I just, really, really loved this. I wish she wrote more novels and wish she lead a more happier life, but then if she lead a happier life, would we be graced with the absolute beauty that is her writing? No, probably not. 10/10 would highly recommend reading. Definitely my favourite book at the moment. 

My blog is such a mixture of posts and I should probably set a theme but I'm happy and people are reading my posts so it'll stay the same I guess. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed reading these books over the last month.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Why I write?

The last two weeks of my life have kinda been crazy hectic. So, I've had 9 weeks off for summer and I have been doing a lot of lazying around and watching Netflix, returning to college was a major hit to my body. I'm absolutely exhausted, getting up a couple of days a week at 6am, leaving the house by 7am and getting home at 6 in the evening. Too much public transport and not enough sleep. Despite the awful early starts, I am really enjoying college. I'm studying 3 English subjects: English Literature, English Language and Creative Writing. You can tell I like books and writing right? In fact, somebody said to me today "I bet you read dictionaries before you go to sleep" 

I began my Creative Writing course for the first time 2 weeks ago and I friggin' love it. I love it so much that I'm going to start sharing things I've written. 

Here's the first one.

Why Do I Like To Write?

I like to write because I want to entertain people. There's nothing better than somebody reading my writing and telling me they enjoyed it, although it makes me nervous. I want to leave a mark on the reader. I want the reader to remember what I said. 
Writing brings me comfort. A comfort that nothing else can bring me. Writing my thoughts down is a coping mechanism for me. Maybe if I'm feeling down or alone, a piece (or pieces) of paper and a pen soothe my worries. I feel better after writing. I feel as if the paper listens to me and understands. It's my best friend.
Whether I write in my journal or on my blog about my day out in London. It's a remedy. Late at night, I think. I think too much. I have to get out of bed and write. Sometimes, even half way through the night, if I wake up and remember a dream, I have to write it down. 
As a child, I remember filling notepad after notepad. They were often full of magical, out of this world short stories. I wish I knew what happened to them. Are they in my loft? Or did they get chucked in the bin? I'll have to make it a little adventure and find these stories. The mind of an 8 or 9 year old Brianna. I wonder if I'd laugh or cringe.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Favourite events of the last month.

Hi again, I was going to do a week in photos but then I realised I haven't done one in a while. So, I have a build up of photos that I need to put somewhere and I'm just going to make a sort of month of photos/favourite things I've done in the last month. 

A couple of weeks ago, I went into London with my mum, brother and sister. Here is a photo of my mum and sister enjoying their hot chocolate. We left early morning and went for breakfast at our favourite restaurant called Garfunkels. Garfunkels serves incredibly tasty food for an amazing price. 

Breakfast at Garfunkels. American style pancakes with ice cream and berry compote. Look at this beauty. 10/10 would recommend. 

This was my first time actually walking around Piccadilly Circus and I loved it. So very touristy and photographic. I went to the Waterstones flagship store here and oh my friggin' god. I had the best time ever, like a bookshop with 7 floors??? HEAVEN for a bookworm. 

The Natural History Museum. We decided to spend an hour here for my brother and sister and they loved it. My favourite part in the museum is definitely the stuffed animals and full scale size animals. Absolutely amazing. If I could live here, I would. The architecture of the building is breathtaking and beautiful. 

Oooh selfie. I had my hair cut for the first time in years a few weeks back. I've always had a massive fear of hairdressers but my hair was in such a state, it had to go. (Apologies for a no make up face)

First day back at college outfit details. This yellow jumper (H&M) is my favourite this season and yellow is for sure my colour. This necklace is so pretty (Topshop) 

I went to a party last weekend to sorta say goodbye to all my friends who are leaving for uni in the next week. I had a great night seeing all my friends after not seeing them in a good couple of months. You probably already know but I'm in the middle. Playsuit is Topshop. 

My sister and I having bonding time over our homework until she spilt my drink over the electrics. She's just started her first year of secondary school bless her. 

Constantly finding myself to college, sitting alone eating my lunch and enjoying a good book. I'm not complaining, I prefer being alone and getting on with things. 

Ok that's me done, I'm going to try add more structure and varied posts but at the moment, life is busy with college and life things. 


Thursday, 21 August 2014

Haul - Boots, H&M and Topshop

Hi again, so last Thursday I went into the next town to shop with my mum for the day and here's what I purchased. Some of the items I couldn't find a suitable way to photograph so I'm just going to describe them as best as I can and I apologise for that. Hopefully soon I'll find a way to photograph them well but until then, you have to put up with my descriptive skills. 

I popped into Boots, well I say popped but I actually spent over 45 minutes deciding what to buy. Putting items into my basket and then finding something better and putting the original item back. Lesson for you: Never go shopping with me :)

Benefit V.I.P Spree - £9.95
BarryM Smokin' Hot Eyeshadow and Blush Palette - £6.49
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in the colour - Delicate Pearl 812 
Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish Nail Polish 239 Your Majesty - £3.69

The little Benefit box I found in the queue of boots, so I don't own any proper Benefit products yet but I've been dying to purchase some. However, I'm very scared of committing a larger prize to a cosmetic item incase I absolutely hate it so finding this miniature box of Benefit goodies was a godsend. It includes a mascara called the Badgal Lash, a lip-gloss called Ultra Plush in the colour Sugarbomb and a complexion enhancer called High Beam. The box comes with a business card kinda style card which enables you to get a free Benefit make-over at one of their counters in Boots which I thought was incredible. I probably won't use it though because I get anxious over those kind of things. Boots/Benefit also over the chance to receive 500 Advantage Card Points when you spend over £25 in one transaction in a Boots store. I've only used one product so far, which is the mascara and I love it. It doesn't clump your lashes together like some mascaras and it stays on!!! 

The BarryM Smokin' Hot Shadow and Blush Palette is beautiful. I saw it and had to have it. I currently am using the MUA Heaven and Earth palette for my eyes and that's been successful. But now I'm slowing bringing myself into the make-up game, I thought I'd spend a little bit more money on something. I opened this and literally gasped. There's something so stunning about eye shadow palettes that haven't been used yet isn't there?  

The palette comes with 6 different shades and a blush. There's 3 glittery shades, 3 standard matte shadows and a breathtaking coral blush. I haven't used this properly yet because 1) I was waiting to take photos of it 2) I haven't had a proper outing yet except work/appointments and just general errands so I'm yet to use this beauty. Although I did use the black matte shade for my lower lid because I saw that was a thing that some bloggers/youtubers have been doing lately so I tried that one out. 

This gorgeous lipstick that was purchased after my mum was rooting through the different shades showing me the ones she liked. I'm not a massive fan of bright lipsticks/lip products on me because I get very paranoid about lipstick on teeth or lipstick around my mouth so I try to stick to lighter shades and this one is so perfect. I adore it.

Topshop Purse -£16

As per usual, I found myself in Topshop but I had to stop myself from splurging too much money. I knew I needed/wanted a new purse because mine was getting disgusting, the decorations were falling off and it was ugly to be honest considering it was 2 years old. (Ew.) But yes, I saw this purse and instantly loved it, the bright colour lead me to it. I'll admit that it's maybe a bit too bright for A/W but it's ok right, to have a little pop of colour. For the price it was as well, I thought it was good. It's so exciting changing over your purses. I was sat in a cafe with my mum changing it over and I swear the staff members must have thought I was mental, getting excited over new card slots and sorting through all my receipts.

The next couple of items as I previously said haven't been photographed because quite frankly, I'm useless. So, I went into H&M and brought a couple of 'basic' items including a dark grey midi pencil skirt for just £7.99, such a basic that I needed it, a simple light grey t-shirt (good for winter layering), a (strange buy) pair of light grey jogging/casual wear bottoms that I literally can't get myself out of and a pair of black, tight, horse-riding style trousers. I think maybe you can see a pattern of grey clothing and you are correct. I've developed an obsession with grey clothing since I realised it was a massive staple in A/W this year. Continuing with the grey theme, if you go back to my first photo in this post, there is actually a silver nail polish which I am loving so much right now. My nails currently make me feel like I belong in the 90's for some reason.

That's all from me, enjoy reading :) 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Cornwall 2014 - Part 2

Hey, I'm back with my last post about my holiday to Cornwall recently.

On one of the days, me and my mum left my brother, sister and their dad to do some crab fishing and we went exploring. We went in all the quirky art galleries hidden around St Ive's town and this is from one of them. The artist is called Alexandra Dickens and I absolutely fell in love with her work. It looked so simple yet must have taken talent and time to complete. I brought some little post cards with her work on which were nice.

Returning to the same chocolate shop my family always go to when we're in St Ive's. I wish I could remember the name but it was a small chocolate shop in one of the lanes in the town and it sold scones and fudge also. These little shaped chocolates are so so so cute, I didn't buy one this year though because I had already treated myself to some chocolate orange flavoured fudge. But last year I brought one of the chocolate sheep. Mmmm.

Stopping for scones with my mum. Whilst waiting for my brother and sister to finish crab fishing along the harbour, I found a small cafe and brought my mum afternoon tea. I obviously couldn't miss a photo opportunity. I shared this plate with her and the scones were delivered to us, fresh and warm. One of the best things about being in Cornwall, fresh, warm, soft scones.

My brother and sister's successful crab fishing. How they picked the crab up, I have no idea. They only caught one though, bless them but it was a big one haha.

St Ive's Harbour

Land's End

My sister had such a massive appetite on holiday which was so unlike her, she was literally ordering pizza every night. Although I didn't eat this, it deserved a photo.It smelt yummy too.

St Michael's Mount

Briefly visited St Michael's Mount but we didn't have the time to go over there on a boat unfortunately. When the tide is low, you can actually walk over to the island and I wish we could have done that. Maybe next time, but it was a beautiful day and there were lots of doggies enjoying the cool ocean.

I took a wonder around a holiday camp one afternoon and the views were incredible. You could see the sea and because it was a clear day, it was so beautiful and calming. I strolled around for about half hour, taking in the stunning surroundings.

This is my last post on Cornwall although I could do more because I took so many photos. My next post is going to be a haul so look out for that :)

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Cornwall 2014 - Part 1

Last Sunday (3rd of August) I set off to Cornwall with my family for 6 days. I absolutely adore going to Cornwall, exploring all the little towns, the quirky shops and irresistible fudge shops. Normally when my family go on holiday, we just go Monday to Friday but because it was my brother's 10th birthday on the Monday, I suggested for us to leave a day earlier and stay in a hotel. Simply to save time travelling on my brother's birthday especially as it was a 5/6 hour drive there, also leaving late afternoon on a Sunday meant it wasn't going to be hell trying to miss traffic. 

I arrived in Plymouth which is actually in Devon at around half past 8 that evening. We were all very tired and impatient of travelling, it was such a relief. I rarely eat takeaways but I was so hungry that I couldn't say no so we drove into Plymouth town centre and found a fish and chips takeaway. The gentlemen serving us was so lovely and kind, I figured that he probably knew we had travelled far. 

Arriving at our hotel and bathing after a long trip was such a wonderful feeling. However we only paid for one room so 5 of us had to share one room and I will never do it again. It was so cramped and noisy blah blah blah. The next morning it was my brother's 10th birthday so he woke up to presents which was cute. We left early to travel that little bit further down into Cornwall but first we stopped off for breakfast at a supermarket.

My brother's 10th Birthday

I arrived in Penzance in Cornwall at around half 1 that day and we explored Penzance town briefly. My brother and sister brought ice creams from a shop called Willy Waller's, it was so quirky and the flavours of ice cream made me want to cry. Jaffa cake, bounty, white chocolate and raspberry, God it was endless. I unfortunately didn't get to taste any ice cream all week because I like to keep my sugars in control and I panic over food a lot (I'm diabetic if you didn't know). After a quick exploration, we arrived at our holiday camp. Very quiet and calm unlike other places we've been to. 

The Holiday Park

The next day, my family did some travelling and visiting different towns. The views around Cornwall on a sunny, clear day are breathtaking. (See next photo) I thought to myself a lot last week 'who needs to fork out thousands of pounds on a holiday abroad when it can be just as good here'. I took way too many photos of my surroundings last week but who cares because they are spectacular.

Cute Kitty

There was a cute, completely white cat walking around our holiday camp. It was so adorable and friendly, I wanted to take it home :( I'm unsure if it actually belonged to anybody on the park or if it had somehow found it's way in. All I know now is that I want a cat to cuddle :( 
Time to Myself

One of the evenings whilst we were away, I decided I didn't want to go out that evening to the entertainment so I stayed back. I had plenty of supplies - Dr Pepper Zero, orange flavoured jellies, writing and Cosmo magazine. It was bliss. Ft new cool pj's. 

St Ive's

St Ive's is my ultimate favourite place in Cornwall and I always manage to persuade my family to go there every time we're in Cornwall. The views at the top of the town from the car park were amazing, the only problem being having to walk from the car park into the town and back. Many hills and steep staircases. I love St Ive's because it's delicate and dainty, the stone/pebbled floors, sweet shops, the harbour. OH I forgot to mention I also saw a seal that day in the sea. It was so cool, I've never seen an animal like that in the open sea other than in an aquarium. I treated myself to two teeny, tiny bits of fudge but instantly regretted it when my sugars quickly rose to 25. Just my luck. The fudge I brought was in my favourite flavour of course, chocolate orange. Mmmm, if only I could have eaten more :(

More incredible views in St Ive's

As I previously said, who needs to spend too much money on going abroad when this is in the UK??? 

I'm going to split the Cornwall post into two because I have far too many pictures and too much to say, so this is all from post 1, enjoy :)

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Week in Photos/Life Updates

It's10PM on a Tuesday evening and I begin this blog post half drowsy and half feeling nauseous due to attending an orthodontist appointment today. I had my braces tightened and I'm in immense pain so going back to my good old helpful buddy co-codamol, here I am, throbbing with pain. I apologise now for any mistakes or stupid sentences that do not make sense. 

This weeks post is going to be a week in photos kinda post with life updates because I have a couple of posts lined up but I haven't got all the bits and bobs required for those yet. But they are coming in the next upcoming weeks and I think they're exciting!!!

First BBQ of The Year

My family were very late to this, this year and I think it's down to the untrustworthy weather we experience in the UK. I say it's my first BBQ of the year but in real honesty, I don't eat meat nor carbs so no white burger rolls for me I'm afraid. Instead, I made myself a small salad with lettuce, cucumber and avocado, also my latest yummy discovery is cashew nuts and I couldn't stop myself putting them into my salad (with a cheeky bit of mayo mmm). Fruit, mushrooms and turkey Quorn burgers which I must add taste absolutely ravishing, I could live on them for the rest of my life. My unhealthy splurge in my meal was the processed sliced cheese but it's a BBQ I couldn't say no.

Shopping Day OOTD

Last Friday, after my short shift at work and it also being payday meant that I took a trip to the next town and did a cheeky bit of shopping. I won't tell you what I brought because that's another blog post. But here's a mirror selfie of my outfit which I loved, especially these jeans that are from Topshop. Also featuring the top that appeared in a blog post a couple of weeks back. 

Keeping Healthy - Long Walks

Nearly every night after our dinner, me and my mum will go for a long walk. It's cute, we talk about life, plans and the future often with the occasional bitch about somebody (this is where me and my mum are very similar). I enjoy our walks a lot lately because it's so lovely and warm and we walk past so many adorable dogs being walked by their owners and also because it's great exercise especially as I don't have the time/patience/money to go to the gym. This is just as effective.

Socks and Sandals

Rocking that latest trend of socks and sandals and getting away with it. Sunday morning, I woke my family up early, yes 8am on a Sunday morning, it was safe to say they hated me. We went out for the morning/afternoon to some garden centers about a 30 minute drive from out home. It was nice because it was sunny and we hadn't been in so long because normally on Sunday's I work awkward hours but on this particular day I had a later shift so I used my morning wisely. I wore this fairy/witch style skirt which is from Topshop and these recently purchased sandals from New Look with the classic pastel coloured Topshop frilly socks. 

Garden Centre Exploring

The garden centres that we looked around have always been my favourite since I was a little child because at Christmas and Halloween they are very themed and so beautiful and magical. It's like going to a completely different world. Obviously it's July and we're not near Halloween or Christmas just yet but the shops are just as fun to walk round. Me, my mum and my sister probably spent around half an hour smelling all the different scents of Yankee candles which I must say are incredible. I had to stop myself buying so many and ended up buying my mum a gift of one of them. I can't remember the exact name but it involved ginger.

Bright Colours

I recently purchased a new nail varnish (another one because I am addicted and running out of storage for them all) and I fell back to my trustworthy brand Rimmel. I don't know what it is about the 60 Seconds Nail Varnishes but I adore them. This beautiful teal colour is called 'District-ly Come Dancing'. I get attracted more to the colour if it has a cute name and I'm guessing I'm not the only one hahaha. Ignore my badly painted nails, I'm not very good at this kind of thing. I love these polishes because they're so reasonably cheap, pricing at around £3.69 each. I'm loving this skirt again at the minute, I brought it last summer in the Topshop sale for just £5 and admittedly I only wore it once last summer so this summer, it's back for good.

Fruity fruit

Currently loving to eat a lot of fruit despite the fact it doesn't agree with my blood sugars. Nothing more satisfying to me than a plate of fruit with a glass of water. Oh what lovely pale, chunky legs I have and fabulous pajamas's, bear in mind that this was at half past 1 this afternoon. Does anybody actually get dressed at a suitable time in the holidays? No, I didn't think so.

That's all from me this week, I like to think I have a couple of exciting posts coming up in the next few weeks and I hope you do find them enjoying. A little hint is that I'm going on holiday to Cornwall on Sunday for a week so we might have a post on that. Who knows?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Living a Positive, Healthy and Happy Life.

Hello, I've been wanting to write a post about positive living for a while now and I've finally planned it. Here we go. Obviously I'm not a professional in healthy eating/living/being positive about everything life because like any normal person I have my bad days and I'm sure you do too. I'm not telling you that this is how you should live your life or that you should listen to anything I say but if you maybe want to improve a part of your life and this applies to it, then why not? 

What have you got to lose?

1. Get rid of all the negativity in your life.
Maybe if it's a person that is making you unhappy or your lifestyle is making you miserable. Do something about it, I can't emphasize this enough because it has done me so good. Having people in your life who bring you down or just make you feel bad/insecure about yourself will not make your life any happier. The first step is to get rid of it, get rid of the thing that's making you sad. 
Surround yourself with people who are positive, who make you happy, who make you feel good about being you.

2. Focus on today.
Focus on the day that is ahead of you, not yesterday and not tomorrow. Dwelling on the past is soul destroying, it can tear you apart and what's the point in thinking about what has already happened? What can you do about it now? The best thing to do is just move on from it, if something has gone wrong in your life then think briefly about why it went wrong and work from it. Learn from your mistakes but definitely don't keep thinking about yesterday or last week or last year. Thinking about tomorrow is pointless too because what if, WHAT IF today is your last day here on Earth. Although you won't know what day is going to be your last, you need to make sure every day is the best you can make it. If you were to die tomorrow, what have you done today that made a difference? What have you done that made you happy?

3. Get enough sleep every night.
I would recommend getting at least 7-8 hours sleep every night as it is so good for you. Too much sleep can make you feel like a slug and too little sleep makes you spaced out and delirious. You'll feel so much better getting up at 8am instead of 1pm and wasting your day.

4. Drink lots of water.
Especially when you wake up in the morning. Drinking water refreshes your skin which for me is the most important because I get quite blotchy skin (ohhh being a teenager). If you're reading this and you're thinking that you don't drink enough water, DRINK, GO DRINK SOME COLD, REFRESHING WATER. Having just one extra glass of water a day can make a massive difference. 

5. Don't skip breakfast.
Change your life greatly by making sure you eat breakfast in the morning. Doing this fills you up for longer and you won't feel peckish before your lunch. Although it is tempting isn't it? To reach for that chocolate bar or that mouthwatering cake your colleague just brought into your office. Sometimes peoples excuse is that they don't have enough time in the morning, well make time. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than you normally would, get up and make yourself a nutritious breakfast. 

6. Wear an item of clothing or an accessory that makes you feel good.
Feeling good in what you're wearing is vital, even if you're not actually planning to leave the house today. I'm not saying wear your prettiest, most glamorous dress for a lazy day just wear maybe a pretty necklace or a cute top. If it makes you feel good, wear it. Bloody well wear it, who cares if somebody around you doesn't agree with what you're wearing? Wear it.

7. Find yourself something to do.
Again, if you're not planning on going out today, plan something to do inside. Even if that is to read a book that you've been meaning to read for weeks or watch a cool movie that you've never seen before. Tidy your room. Watch your favourite TV show. Do some baking. Make your day worthwhile, don't mop around the house all day every day feeling sorry for yourself. Referring to the first image of this blog, make the days count.

8. Smile at a stranger.
Unless you're not going out today then this is difficult but if you're planning on a day out, make sure you smile at somebody. It instantly makes you feel better about yourself and you never know, it could make that person's day survivable. The person you smile at might be going through a lot of problems that they need help with and you smiling at them could give them the boost they need to improve their life. So do it today, smile at somebody.

9. Don't care what other people think.
I've left this one to last because it's the trickiest one to deal with. Not caring what other people think is easier said than done and I'll admit that. I struggled for years with this, always caring too much about how people saw me and what they thought of the way I looked. I'm not sure what's changed in my life recently but I no longer worry too much about what the people around me think. Of course, I still think about it but not as much. Not caring about what people think will improve your life. Your confidence within yourself with rise. 

You don't have to be happy every single day of your life because we all know that sometimes we just like to be lazy with our day in our pj's and watch stupid daytime TV and eat lots of unhealthy junk food.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

H&M and Regalrose // Fashion


Hey so I am terribly sorry that I haven't written a blog post in over 3 months. My excuse is that I have had a lot going on in my life. I last posted in April and that was just before exam period although I never actually sat my AS exams this year because I landed myself a stay in hospital. Sigh. So that was all a bit crazy and since then life has just been hectic, battling with my physical and mental health. 
Enough of the depressing stuff, I've also been to a couple of university open days including Brighton and Goldsmith's in London. I had a fabulous weekend visiting them and I'm very excited to be applying for uni this year. 

Here I am now, currently on a positive, radiant streak in life. I'm trying so hard to be happy and to appreciate life more. The last couple of months I have just completely broke down and I think it helped me. I'm feeling confident and happy and just enthusiastic about life.

Let's crack on with the blog post. Yay. I went shopping this week although I'm supposed to be saving my money for my holiday next month. My excuse is that it's okay to spend money because I'm working extra shifts at the moment so I have extra £££. 

You can sit with us
I brought this shirt from H&M after seeing it featured in H&M's Summer Looks with Ashley Benson (who I'm seriously girl crushing on at the moment because of Pretty Little Liars and Spring Breakers). I've been trying to buy some actual t-shirt length shirts, if you get what I mean because I live in crop tops and it needs to stop. So when I saw this on her collection online, I knew I had to find it. I thought I wouldn't find any of the items in my local store because it's pretty poop compared to the larger London stores but I was surprised. I found it and squealed inside. It's kinda see-through, but it's an acceptable see-through and it's also a very summer friendly material. Lightweight and thin. A bargain for 7.99. 

Recently I've been loving Ellie Goulding's style a lot and I noticed she has been wearing bindi's at festivals and gigs etc. I searched online for a couple of hours trying to find some at a suitable price range and here I found Regalrose. Regalrose is an online site selling jewellery and cute accessories. A few celebrities have been spotted wearing Regalrose products, obviously including the Queen Ellie Goulding. These bindi's that I brought cost me £8 and I received 12 of them which is super good. After an annoying 'sorry we missed you' leaflet through my door from Royal Mail, I collected them and immediately put one on and took a product advertising selfie (You can see this selfie if you really want on my Instagram @brihend3rson hahaha) I absolutely love this accessory and I definitely think I'll be wearing them a lot. They attach well to your forehead and don't fall off. What more do you want/need? I'll will for sure be purchasing more from this site.

Epic weekend
I've had my eye on this crop top for a couple of weeks now and every time I've walked into H&M it's caught my eye. I finally brought it this week after pondering whether or not I really needed ANOTHER crop top to my wardrobe. The answer was yes, I did need another crop top, especially when these are so cheap selling for £.3.99 which is definitely value for money. I don't own many black crop tops so this was essential. 

Lipstick. Notebook. Pen. Random Stuff
This fabulous cloth bag is going to be my summer favourite. I always avoided cloth bags for some reason, I think because I thought just elderly people used them, not that there's anything bad about elderly people (They're cute). I saw this in H&M and immediately picked it up without hesitation. It's so adorable and simple, however I'm afraid that because it's white I'll spill something on it and ruin it. BUT then it's also a cloth bag and can be easily washed so I should probably stop fretting. It only cost £2.99 so it's worth it.

And the last image, well a mirror selfie in the Topshop changing rooms today. Excuse my pout, I just needed a photo of my outfit on my phone, featuring the you can sit with us shirt and cloth bag. 

I apologise for the long post but I hope you enjoy it.